Saturday, July 26, 2008

How the Pioneers did it

Today is Pioneer day. This is a day we remember those people that walked across America to settle in the West. I can't even imagine what it must have been like.
Our ward had a nice pancake breakfast, as a pioneer celebration. After we were done we the kids played some games that they played back in 1847. They included jump rope, rope pulling, stuff to do with water and cans etc. I mostly just chatted with my friends. This is Anja
One of the older members played the fiddle and the guitar, and it brought the right atmosphere.
Warning: graphic story ahead
We haven't had much luck getting rid of our roosters, so I thought I would bring them to the picnic and see if anyone was interested. They weren't. I can't blame them, I mean, who wants a bunch of roosters? Anyways, I decided it was time to kill them so we can eat them. And what better day than Pioneer day? They did this all the time! I have only killed a chicken once (one that was attacked by the dog), but I just threw that in the bushed for the coyotes. This was the first time I killed one to eat it.
First we started by nailing 2 nails in the piece of wood. The chicken's neck was wedged in there, and then it got beheaded by Joe. This is the part I don't know if I can do. After the head was off we put the body in a bucket, so it could flop around without getting dirt all over it. Once it calmed down, I dipped it in hot water for about a minute. This is supposed to solve the fat that keep the feathers in, to make the plucking easier. A guy on a website says he can pluck one in 5 minutes. So I thought: I can do it in about 30 minutes right? Wrong! It took me 1.5 hours. After that, it was still not completely done, so I decided to just skin it. The grossest thing to me is removing the interiors/guts. I got Joe to help me with this too. Tomorrow we are having Joe's whole family over for dinner, and I can't wait to share our fresh chicken with them.


Nancy Sabina said...

You true pioneer woman! Way to go.

مهدي said...

good ceremony and better to keep alive those memories with a lot of fun.

Amber said...

I love chicken, don't get me wrong, but I think I would HATE chicken after doing what you did. You have such a stronger stomach than I do!!

Jessica said...

I thought I wasn't going to be able to eat it either. But after it came out of the crockpot with the other store bought chicken, it didn't bother me at all

Todd and Amyjoy said...

I plan to never and I mean never kill a rooster, pluck a rooster or even look at a dead rooster.
You are WAY more brave than I am!!!

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