Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Black eye

Sterling has a knack for getting black, swollen eyes. Usually his eye is big and puffy from a mosquito bite, but this time he has a genuine black eye. Here's an excerpt from Joe's blog:

"The kids were jumping on the trampoline over at my friend Tyson's house this afternoon (June 27th) while I installed a new lower radiator hose on the trusty(?) Metro which we had parked there on Friday. Suddenly Sterling started wailing like a stuck pig. Of course, he does this more frequently than we would prefer and has created his own little "sky is falling" situation so we merely yelled up to him that he needed to stop it forthwith. Usually, the wailing is a result of a group of children excluding him from their play or hurting his feelings or something. This time, had we only known, we would have gotten up there sooner.
After finishing the car, I walked up to the house to find that Sterling was under ice and when the ice was pulled back, his eye was almost completely swollen shut. Apparently he and Winter collided on the trampoline and he came off with the short end of the stick. Here's the result after an hour or so of ice. Notice how happy Sterling is. He was tough (after the initial wailing) but he certainly didn't want anyone thinking that he was pleased with the situation.
We have way too many pictures of Sterling with an overly swollen eye (usually from wasps.) If we keep up this rate, we are going to be able to compile a complete photo album of images of Sterling at all different ages with a swollen eye."

I took a picture the next day:
Then Joe took a picture on day 4.
"Sterling is looking fine - swelling gone, but a fantastic color. Luckily today was our homestudy where the adoption agency comes by to make sure we have a suitable home for a state-child. It is always nice to have some nice color in the kids eyes when they come by :rolleyes:"

This last picture is from today (day 5)I think Sterling was really lucky to get such a "pretty" black eye. The bruising is mostly above his eye, and if he was a girl, I would have just put make up on the other one.

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