Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Apparently I am weird.
I love math.
Back in high school I took a very advanced math class, so when I got to BYU, it was a breeze.
My friend Anja's husband Keith, is taking a math class. He is one of the many people in this world to whom math doesn't come naturally. So now I am a sort of tutor for him. It's fun for me to go back, and when I relearn it, it all comes back to me in flashes. His whole class is online, and he has to submit homework every week. Last night Keith (and Anja) came over to do the homework. After we were done, he told me about his midterm that is due on Friday. We will work on that tonight, but since he has to work all day, he left the midterm questions here. I have been working on them, and can't stop! (I couldn't go to bed last night until 1 am) I want to do the problems before he is ready to do them, so I can explain things to him as he is going along. (totally legal, it's an open book/info midterm)


Nancy Sabina said...

Yep. You're weird. JK - Math is totally not fun to me. It is closer to torture.

Amber said...

I'm a fan of math too. Growing up in Arizona, there math classes were a lot more advanced. So when I moved to Idaho in 9th grade I had already completed Algebra 2 and was ready to take Calculus. All of my fellow classmates were just starting to take Algebra 1. I tutored a lot in high school because of that and loved it. How fun you have that opportunity!!

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