Sunday, January 13, 2008

Faith 's desire to be with Cookie

In an effort to keep Cookie from cornering Faith in a stall and kicking her to keep her there, I usually keep one of them locked in a stall. Usually I keep cookie in a stall, because Faith would need more hay (that I have put into the stall) and she needs more exercise. I am amazed at how loyal Faith is to cookie, because even though she could go anywhere on our 20 acres she wants to, she chooses to stay right by cookie. Last night I decided to let cookie out for a change, and when we got back from church she was on the other side of the lake. Faith had worked up a good sweat in her stall, trying to get out and get to cookie. So after giving her some food, I decided to let her out and join cookie for some grazing. I knew she would be a little crazy trying to get to her, but what I saw next, I never would have guesses. Faith ran to the edge of the lake, and went straight into it! For a moment I thought she would swim all the way across, but when she got into the water up to her head she changed her mind and headed back. Very confused and frustrated, she went back to her stall for a minute. I decided I better show her the way AROUND the lake, so she could be with her friend. Where is my camera when I need it??
See Cookie on the other side of the lake? (the white horse)


Angela said...

Yeah, based on what Joe wrote earlier, sounds like Faith is a bit pscyho neurotic.

Nancy Sabina said...

Wow! What a horse will do for a cookie! Sounds like an entertaining children's book.

Catherine M. said...

Faith is commit suicide when she has to have a home away from cookie!

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