Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sober for 8 days

Well, now the waiting begins... we have all we can do with the adoption paperwork... and it's up to a birth mother to pick us. It's harder than I thought. Especially when there's nothing you can do. A friend of Joe's cousin told us it might help to call some hospitals and put the word out there... turns out that's illegal and they can give us a $10,000 fine for child soliciting!! Ahhh....So no more phone calls from me!!

I finally rode my horse this past Saturday. She's really quite mellow. I am going to take her to a trainer to see what he thinks of her, whether it's worth it for me to keep her, or if I should get one with a little bit more training.

On new year's eve I made a resolution not to eat any chocolate for a month. What was I thinking?? It's only been a week, and I'm dying. It doesn't help that there are M&Ms and hersheys kisses sitting right here on the computer desk. I think that's Joe's way of punishing me for all the times I have eaten his chocolate. I like to say: "I have been sober for 8 days"
Yesterday I almost caved, but somehow made it through the day without giving in to my chocolate deamons

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Maddy Baddy said...

I love this picture of you. You are beautiful!
Good job on the no chocolate deal. I hope you can make it. I just had a piece. Yum! LOl

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