Thursday, January 31, 2008

I made it!!

My goal on New Year's day was not to eat any chocolate, or anything with chocolate in it for a month. I went through withdrawal, denial, and temptation, but I did it! Against my faith in myself. Now I think; why not have some chocolate today, and then go without for another month? Make it a goal to have chocolate only once a month? Ok , maybe I'll change the rules a little, so I can eat chocolate sprinkles on my bread, and have some hot chocolate once in a while. Maybe from now on the rule will be that I can't eat JUST chocolate. No M&M's, chocolate chip cookies (or dough), chocolate bars, chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream etc. In short, all the stuff I like to binge on. Life really isn't that bad without it!


The Indian Circus Boy said...

Way 2 go baby! I knew you could do it.

Nancy Sabina said...

Congrats! chocolate sprinkles on bread? Is this a Dutch thing?

auntie B. said...

Wist je overigens, dat 2 blokjes pure chocolade per dag goed zijn voor de bloeddruk? Heb daar ergens een artikel over. Als je wilt kan ik dat wel es opzoeken en je mailen ofzo.

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