Thursday, January 24, 2008

Baby goat, and potty training

Joe bought some goats a couple of days ago, and one of them was pregnant. Well, not anymore. Today around 2pm she had her little baby. It's really cute. We think she might have another one, because we can still see stuff moving around in her belly. I'm a little confused about why it would take her so long, so hopefully she's ok.

Ginger is in the middle of potty training. I haven't gotten the guts to take off the diapers completely, but she has used the bathroom several times. It all started when I was in Lowes a couple of weeks ago, buying new toilet seats for our house. The previous owners installed the soft/cushiony toilet seats, which are a little weird (even though it's nice that the seat's not cold). Anyways, we were in the toilet seat isle, and Ginger saw a kid's seat with Dora on it. Now I'm not usually the type to buy whatever my children want, but I figured this would be a good investment, so we wouldn't have to buy diapers anymore. BTW, we have had one or two kids in diapers for the past 6 years, and I can't wait to be done with it (for now). So anyways, Ginger has really enjoyed sitting on her new toilet. She's my first child that just wants to sit on it, and then would stay on it for hours if I let her. On several occasions she has almost fallen asleep, but I haven't had the chance to get a picture of that yet....

As most of you know, I'm somewhat of a TV addict. I like to sit and veg after a long day. The other day I was watching American Gladiators, and my kids just loved it. They all sat around me. Ginger was also giving me kisses, and at some point she was almost macking on me. LOL, the joy of a baby's kiss.

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Maddy said...

That little baby goat is the cutest thing ever. I hope the mother is OK though.
Also I am glad to hear you like American Gladiators, I love that show. Dacian likes it so much that when it's on he starts throwing himself on the floor and tries to imitate all that they do. I hope he won't start punching other little kids in nursery.
Cute pictures as always! :)

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