Thursday, January 17, 2008

Asian World Market

Yesterday I went to the Asian World Market in Plano. I wasn't expecting much, since our Asian store in Boise was very small. What a surprise! It is a full-sized grocery store. They have any kind of Asian food you might like to find. I was walking through the store in awe and wonder wishing that I knew how to cook some of this stuff. I have a couple of Asian recipes, but not many. They also sell the largest selection of pork meat I have ever seen. It sure beats Walmart and Target! So I got some stuff I regcognized, sauces, pork, veggies, and noodles. By the way, they have a full isle dedicated just to instant noodles! I made spring rolls with tofu, and it turned out pretty good.

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angela michelle said...

I would love to see your spring rolls recipe. I was just telling Mark how I've never had success with the kids liking anything I've tried with tofu.

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