Sunday, January 27, 2008

Two down

Today we got rid of 2 of our animals. We sold Cookie and our mule. Cookie was just costing us money, and in addition to that she was mean to my horse. I am still planning to sell Faith as well, but that won't be as easy as Cookie. It took us a while to get the mule into the trailer because he wasn't tame. The most exciting thing about this was the way Faith reacted to all of this. We put her in her stall, and she worked up a sweat, and freaked out. I think I am going to wait a little while before I get another horse, because it's too cold, and I don't have very much time to ride anyways.


Nancy Sabina said...

Oh, poor Cookie. She wanted to be a good girl. You guys definitely have a revolving door on your farm. But I bet it keeps life interesting!

OmaMa said...

Ach nee toch! En Cookie was nog wel het snoepje van de stal !(dat klinkt gek) De kinderen zullen haar wel missen en ze was ook wel erg fotogeniek.

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