Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I am officially fit to be a mother... yes, I took a CPR class for infants and children this last saturday. It was a 5 hour class, where we practiced CPR and mouth to mouth. This is all part of the adoption process. We have it all finished now!
After finding out how much we've been spending on gasoline, I have come to the conclusion that we need to get me a diesel. Joe's truck is a diesel too, and we can make our own biodiesel. I figure that if it costs $1.60/gallon to make diesel, and I get a VW jetta that gets 44MPG, I will spend $30 per month on gas instead of the current $165!!! I think that would be worth it! Joe's dad has a bio diesel system that we can us, so now I just need to find a restaurant to get the oil from on a regular basis. On that same note... we have taken Sterling out of preschool because it was costing us over $300 a month for gas and tuition. He has a friend that lives close by, so we'll set up some kind of playdates with him, so he can still socialize.
It's been super duper cold here this last week, and I just can't wait to get some good old warm Texas weather. Oh, and Joe got 3 goats and a donkey yesterday!

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