Friday, January 18, 2008

Sober for 18 days

Yes, I'm still sober!! (of chocolate) The interesting thing is that the first week was very difficult, and it has gotten easier every day. I truly believe I was addicted to chocolate. Not in a romantic kind of way, but in a physical way. All I could think about was that rich, creamy taste.

Joe is out of town, and we were supposed to go down to Plano to visit Nancy one more time before she heads back to VA, but Asher got sick. So, now I am bored (even though there is plenty to be done). I just don't want to do the necessary stuff... you know, ... only fun stuff.

I have also decided to sell my horse. Yes, I know, that was fast. She is just too big for me! I think I'll start looking for a nice, calm, small horse next. And this time I don't think I'll buy it from the internet, but by networking.


Catherine M. said...

I'm proud of you for deciding to sell Faith. It does seem like a good idea to have an animal that you are confident to actually get on and ride.

Nancy Sabina said...

I think you definitely dodged a bullet not coming that last day I was there. Cuz man are these cruds the worst. We're still passing it around the fam!

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