Wednesday, January 9, 2008

CC fraud

A couple of months ago while we were in the middle of moving somehow someone got a hold of our credit card info, and spent like $350 at a drugstore. Usually I keep really good track of our credit card charges and enter them all into my finance records. But again, we were moving. So by the time I finally found out about this, it was too late!!! I requested a copy of the receipt, and when it got here it just infuriated me. The lady signed with her own name, not even my name, and no one bothered to check the signature. I am always annoyed when I sign and the register person doesn't check. Why even make you sign?? I have started letting Winter sign her name whenever she's with me, because it really doesn't make a difference. This whole ordeal makes me want to hire a PI and go after the lady, but I guess that's just in dream land.

I had a very fun day today. This morning I went to Joe's parents house to visit Joe's sister Nancy. Nancy is staying there for 3 weeks to help out with Joe's grandma Benac. I figured I better take advantage of her being close by (she lives in Virginia). Ginger had a great time playing with her kids.
Also, this afternoon when I fed my horses, the kids came with me (for a change). I usually drive my car to the top (yes, I'm lazy), and after I was done the kids wanted to chase me back down to the house. I was amazed at how fast Winter was running. I guess she gets a lot of practice at school during PE, so much so that a couple of days ago she was crying from pain in her legs from all the running. Anyways, since the kids had a lot of sugar for dinner, french toast, I really needed them to run it off before bedtime. So when we got to the house I asked them to run down the driveway to check if the gate was closed (yes, yes, I already knew it was). They ran all the way down, and then proceeded to run to the barn (another couple hundred feet) Watching these kind of moments just makes me melt with happiness! That barn has a big roundbail of hay in it, and they had a lot of fun trying to climb on top of it. Needless to say, by the time we got back inside they were nice and tired and went right to sleep.


Angela said...

Nothing like wearing the kids out! Reminds of when we'd have Joe run around the house to let off steam

Mary Elizabeth Liberty said...

Jessica, after reading this, I came home and made myself some french toast. Thanks for the yummy idea!

Nancy Sabina said...

I had a great time too, when you visited. Come by any time!
I love breakfast for dinner.

Omama said...

Veel werk zo'n farm, maar ook veel fun.
Elk nadeel heeft zijn voordeel !

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