Sunday, October 5, 2008

Relaxing by the Pool

Somewhere in the jam-packed schedule, we found a little block of time to go swimming at the resort. We hadn't spent very much time with Dave and Tiffani, so this was the perfect opportunity to hang out and relax a bit.
I'm afraid I have become a real mom. I didn't even get in the water!! I did get my feet wet, but mostly just sat on the side lines on the lawnchair. I remember not understanding when I was a kid, why my mom wouldn't get in. Swimming is so fun! Yet, as a mom, it's also fun to just relax and sit on a lawnchair. When you get in the water, you get wet. When you get wet, you have to dry off. That's just annoying sometimes. Oh, how lame do I sound?!
Stewart is Ginger's age, and when we went out the gate to go back to the hotel, he tried to come out with us. Tiffani was still in the poolyard, so we made him stay in, but he was still hanging out at the gate and trying to get out. I got him to kiss Ginger through the fence, which was super cute!


Nancy Sabina said...

Oh my goodness! What a great pic!

BigDaddy said...

luckily, I was there for this one, or I may not of known about it either...

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