Thursday, October 23, 2008

Brand new on the inside

My husband is amazing. He can perty much fix anything he sets his mind to. He is currently at the tail end of refitting our 1994 geo metro with a new engine, oil pump, clutch, and other main components. What started as a $400 project, quickly grew into a $1100 project. But alas, it should run like a Ferrari (ok maybe not), but it should run as good as new.Tonight Joe's brother Josh came over to help him install the new engine. It might be light enough to carry, but it's a whole other ballgame when you try to lift and slowly lower it, far away from your body.
Joe had complained to me that the only pictures I even take of him are of him sitting around, making funny faces, so I ran out to the shop and shot some quick pics.
Josh just got out of a 5 year contract with the navy, and is an awesome sonar tech. He brought one of his old uniforms to work in. Both Joe and I thought it was super cool, and think it would be even cooler if Joe could get one too. (he has ruined too many pants and shirts working on greasy cars!)


Nancy Sabina said...

Great pics. Now if only "like new" for a Metro was better than it really is!

Anonymous said...

And there I was trying to smile cause I thought you were taking a picture of my face! lol.

angela michelle said...

those are awesome pictures of joe in his element.

josh--why doesn't your comment link you to your profile which links to your blog?

Kaitlyn said...

I hear those old Geo's get great gas mileage!

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