Thursday, July 29, 2010

It hates me!

I'm convinced our Geo metro hates me. It drives fine when Joe drives it, but when I'm driving, it decides to break down. So today I trecked up to Bonham to drop off our home contract at the title company. As I got there I noticed that the A/C wasn't working well. I though it was just because the car was idling. However, after my business at the title company was done, I got back in the car, and the A/C was not working. So I glanced down to the thermometer. The last time I drove this very same geo into the ground I failed to do so. Sure enough, the temperature was way high. And after checking under the hood, I discovered freon all over the place Not again! I pulled over, and started making phone calls. At this point I was very happy to be right by Bonham. My friend Dee was my hero today. She picked me up, and drove me all the way home! It's nice to have good friends!

After I got home, I saw the following post on Facebook by Joe:
"So I'm sitting in a auto repair shop (because I blew a radiator hose & I need it fixed asap) and Jessica calls to tell me her radiator is leaking too. I didn't have the heart to tell her where I was... I ended up walking out of the mechnic shop (now waiting @ Napa for the part to come in) after the shop owner threw my keys back @ me refusing the work unless I let him change BOTH radiator hoses for well over $200. Something about liability & getting sued when the other one goes out....always nice to get a good solid kick to the groin when you're down."

What a day for cars!!


Mark A said...

$200 for a couple of GEO radiator hose? That sounds insane!
My philosophy is if the bottom one goes, do both. You have to do the hard one and you are going to be spilling a ton on juice anyway. If the top one goes just fix it and roll... easy.
On the other hand, last time my top one went the bottom one let go about a month later. rrrrg

Jessica said...

the $200 was for Joe's truck

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