Thursday, July 15, 2010


This summer is the first time we've tried out Vacation Bible School (VBS). My cousin Catherine has gone in previous years, and recommended it to me. Since I've been working whole weeks with grandma Benac, it's been nice for the kids to get out in the mornings and learn a few things about Jesus and the bible.

The first bible school they attended was well organized. The classes were fairly small. The group leaders seemed to have it together. The kids learned about the bible. They learned songs, and stories.

This bible school isn't quite the same. They have yet to learn 1 thing about the bible. But they've learned about recycling and exercise instead. Everything seems to have been thrown together. They do the same craft practically every day (decorating a little foam cross). The one good thing: they are in it with the Morphis kids. So at least they get to spend time with their cousins.

Since we see Catherine every day, we've been able to do some kid swapping. It's been really fun for the kids, especially Ginger. Her and Sabina have become the bestest friends. They play horsies together, and play in general cuteness. I wish I would have captured some of their moments on camera. But I'm working with grandma... so I don't really spend too much time with the kids.

Weeks like this make me wish we lived closer in town. Close enough to visit family for an hour or two. Close enough to swim at the waterpark for a few hours. Close enough to go to the movie theater with my mother-in-law. I love our farm, but I also miss the conveniences of live in town.

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