Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More of the same

Our summer is going by better and quicker than I could have hoped for. The kids are a little more independent, especially when it comes down to swimming in the pool. They are all great swimmers and don't need 100% supervision anymore. The weeks just go by one by one, and I know that school will start again before we know it.

The house selling is also going well. We had some very interested people on Saturday, whom I'm expecting an offer from this week. On top of that, some people from the ward are interested in the house, and we have some more viewers coming this afternoon.

I know my blog posts seem a little redundant and boring, but that's pretty much all that's going on here this summer; swimming, cleaning, working, swiming, cleaning, working etc.

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Wendy said...

whoohoo, yay for offers on the house!

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