Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Turn around

Okay, never mind. Everything is okay. After the Frenches looked at other properties, they accepted our counter offer. We are SOOOO excited. I almost can't believe that we will really move to Holland. Of course we're still a little bit in limbo, since anything can happen between now and August 31st. The buyers have 10 days to back out of the contract for no reasons, and of course there will be an inspection. We are confident in the good status of our house, and the buyers seem very serious and excited, so I am feeling good about all of this going through.

Now I start with the mad dash to try and sell most of our furniture. Sort thing, donate, sell, and pack up things. I started in Winter's room. The only thing out of her room that will go into storage is her bed frame, some sewing supplies, and harp strings (she never really moved into that room- it just had her bed in it, as well as a bunch of miscellaneous office items.


Wendy said...

haha, it's funny when I didn't look on your blog for a couple of days to look back and see your mind racing racing. I am so happy for you!
Good luck with all the cleaning/sorting/selling!

Nancy Sabina said...

What a whirlwind! I'm glad that part is over for you now. It was stressful just reading about it!! Good luck with the sorting, etc. Those would be hard decisions.

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