Friday, July 23, 2010

What to do with the "stuff"

We have an official offer! I'm so excited that this Holland thing is really going to happen! The Barnhursts are also interested, so we're hoping to see an offer from them as well by tomorrow. We never would have imagined that we would have 2 offers to choose from! This is a true blessing.

Now we just have a gazillion things to do before we can move out. I have furniture to sell, things to donate, sort through everything, and ask myself about every single little thing: is it worth storing for 1-4 years? Most of our big furniture that we want to keep, is going to family and friends, to be housed in their homes. Most of the small furniture will be sold. And hopefully the rest will fit in a 10x10 storage unit.

The hardest thing to figure out, is what to do with those things that we don't want to keep, but are too small for craigslist or ebay. Items like my hand mixer, breadmaker, plates, lamps, and silverware. We could do a moving sale, but the disadvantage of that, is that we'll end up having tons of leftovers, plus people will try to haggle the prices down. Another option is auctioning it off. With that option you never know how much you'll get for it, plus the auctioneer takes a big (25%) chunk of the profits. The third option I've considered, is to donate it. When you donate to a place like Goodwill, you will get 30% of the value back in your tax return. And that might be more than what you could get for it at a garage sale. It would certainly be the least amount of work!

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