Saturday, July 17, 2010

Funny coincident

God does answer prayers. This morning, I prayed that today's house showing would go well. Today's viewers are moving down from Tulsa area. They have horses, he works from home, they are used to living out in the sticks, they have chickens, and they seemed to like the house a lot.

Then the funniest thing happened. While we were still showing the house, a couple came to the door. They had gotten their truck stuck in the ditch across the road. Then they confessed that they were really driving by to look at the house. But they were just doing a drive-by. They were about to get their binoculars out when they got stuck. So they came to us for help. While the first viewers were still in the house, the second viewers looked around outside. Once the 1st left, the 2nd also checked out the house.

I'm not expecting an offer from the 2nd viewers, but I have high hopes for the 1st. They don't have a realtor, and were asking: "if we decide to make an offer, how would we go about that? Are there some forms we can fill out?" We sent them home with a contract document, and with a small expectation that they might come back tomorrow to take another look at the house. And that is after spending 2 hours here today. I even have blisters on my feet from walking to all 3 sheds in my new loafer shoes.

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Majo said...

Dat is nog eens een leuk voorval!! Het feit dat er onverwacht nog een tweede stel mensen langs kwam om te kijken, zou de eerste kijkers wel eens een extra push kunnen geven om niet te lang te wachten.
Hopen maar .....

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