Thursday, July 29, 2010

If yes, If no

And the sorting begins......

Each item that passed through my hand gets the following questions:

-Do I want to store this for X amount of time? This is the hardest question, because we don't know what that "X" will be. It could be 16 months. Or it could be 6 years. It all depends whether we find a job in Europe after school is over.

if yes: put it in a box, and place it in the dining room- the designated room for items we will keep.
Unless I will need it for the next month.

if no:

-Is it valuable enough to sell on craigslist? ->Take pictures and place a craigslist ad
-Is it valuable enough to sell on ebay? ->Place it in Joe's office- ebay central
-Would someone in my family or friends like/need it? -> Contact them and ask whether they want it

if not:
-write it down on my donation list and set a market value for it, and put it into Winter's old bedroom. That's the new designated room for items "for sale" or "to be donated"
Unless I will need it for the next month.

So as you can see this can get kind of complicated. Some stuff can get donated right now. Some can get boxed right now. Other stuff needs to stay "out" so we can actually function in our house until we close.

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Majo said...

Waar ga je de kist zolang "stallen"

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