Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pics from my camera card

Since I seem to have been lacking inspiration for my blog, I decided to go to my camera card, and just pull off some random pictures from the last month, and explain a little bit about them

The Brooks family is a family in our ward, who is just overall fun and loving. I think they have like 9 kids overall, their youngest being 6. Her youngest two, are the same age as my oldest two, so we wanted to get them together for a playdate. The reason it was a big undertaking, is that even though they are in our ward, they live at the opposite end of the bounderies. It took me about 50 minutes to get there!!
The kids had a lot of fun together. We pulled out the play-doh, the kids dressed up, and played in the bitter cold. Overall a huge success. Now if only we lived a little lot closer, we could do it on a regular basis!
Every year, Liz buys a gingerbread house kit for the kids to decorate. This year, with Nancy and her kids being there too, she bought 2. One for the boys, and one for the girls. It almost become a competition to see who could make theirs the prettiest/coolest.
Our kids had a lot of fun playing with their Worth cousins. Whenever the whole family gets together, Winter and Naomi don't really play together, because of other cousin dynamics. It was fun for me to see them get to know eachother, and play so well together.
Since (good) pictures of my are hard to come by, I thought I would post the ONLY picture of me on this camera card! Here I am on Christmas day with Winter and Naomi. Oh, and I found this super cool curling gel that keeps my hair curly for days! (instead of minutes)
Joe's brother Josh got out of the navy recently, and it has been great to have him around. He comes to visit us on our "farm" regularly. He always brings his guitar, and even gave Winter one for her birthday!
I guess he liked it so much here, that he decided to go into the cattle business. He bought 4 little calfs, 2 Jersey, and 2 Holstein. They are all very skinny and sickly. So far we have given them a bunch of medication, some milk replacement, and lots of love. Some of them are doing better than others, but overall they are a pathetic bunch. I really hope they pull through for the sake of Josh and of course the cows too.
For New years we had a great Gourmetten/Fondue party with the Morphis, Josh, and Nancy. First we did a large bonfire with the kids, and after that the adults had their own fabulous party. We didn't get done with eating stuffing ourselves until fairly late, so by the time we were playing Colonisten (Settlers) van Catan it was midnight. Some fireworks, and more chatting later, we brought in 2009 in a wonderful way.
Last weekend, we had 14 - 12-14 year old boys at our house. Well, not really at our house, more on our land. Joe's cousin Allison has a son who likes to get together with a group of his friends to do soft-bullet shooting wars. I guess they set up 2 groups, and attack each other. They battled it out all night, and in the morning we served them a nice pancake, eggs, and toast breakfast. It was so fun to have the Allreds over to visit with them! We were lucky too, because it stayed warm all night
Texas winters are the strangest thing! One day it's 84, and the next it's 28 with freezing rain. I like the 84 days, but they make the 28 days so much harder. It seems that when your body can get used to the cold gradually, it's not so hard.

So there you have it. That's what we have been up to lately. Maybe this year I can be as good as last year with writing my blog. I know I enjoy other people's blogs better when they are current!


Nancy Sabina said...

What a great collection of pics. The pic of you with your curly hair is great. We really did have some fun. Thanks again for the New Year's party.

wannabee free said...

We had RAclette for New years again (Barrett & kendra Bishop) and just recently played "colonoscopy' with the wasden's. Those are good times.
i can't keep my hair curled either. What do you use?

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