Tuesday, June 3, 2008


We have turtles in our lake. At first I didn't believe it. I mean, turtles live in zoos and pet shops, and Florida... not in OUR lake! Sterling found the first one last week. It was a pretty good sized box turtle. A few days later he found another one. Then a few days ago the kids found a good sized "red" turtle. They like to keep them in a box by the back door and think it's hilarious when its head shoots back in when someone walks up.


Majo said...

I'm sure the turtles would love to go back to their home/lake though !

They cannot be really happy in a box

Majo said...

By the way, we have one living in our "lake" as well. Can you imagine, in the cold Dutch water !

I sometimes see it floating around while it is sunbathing.

Farmer Joe said...

no worries, the kids turned the turtles back after the day.

Also, for the record, it is a "red-eared slider" turtle, not a red turtle.

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