Sunday, June 29, 2008

double duty

Living in a small ward (church congregation) has its advantages and disadvantages. From our first attendance, we have felt very welcome. The members were very excited to have us in the ward, and got out of their way to greet and introduces themselves. This was very different from our experience in Idaho. People were nice there, but as a new person you slowly had to try and integrate yourself into the ward. I understand why it's hard to welcome new people, especially when the ward is very large and growing. I have gone up to a person to ask them if they were new, only to find out they had been attending for the past 6 months! This kind of puts a damper on people's willingness to go up to people they don't know. Also, if you are in a large ward, chances are that you have a bunch of friends. Probably more than you have time for. So it's harder to go out of your way to make new friends. In our small ward, everyone knows everyone. There are not that many people in the same age group, and interest group, so I find myself more open to everyone. Also, when I see a new couple, or hear of a new couple, I get sooo excited. Especially if they have kids my age. That means that my son will have more than 1 other kid in his sunday school class. One of the (dis)advantages of a small ward is the need for people to fulfill callings (jobs). I have been a teacher in Relief Society for a couple of months, and it has been relatively easy and non-stressful. This week I was also called as a ward chorester. Not a big deal! Somehow I feel like I can't always get away with 2 easy callings. Oh yeah, when I lived in Boise I went about 1.5 years without any kind of calling... so a bit different. It's great to get involved with the ward and really become a part of it though.

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Rebecca said...

I think it's nice to have a calling. When we were waiting to come to Australia, we weren't really a part of any ward and it felt so weird to just be a participant. I'd have had a hard time for 1.5 years without a calling! Must have been a big ward.

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