Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My favorite shows

I have been trying to wean my self from TV since we moved to our house. We have so many projects and just general chores to do, that TV is a big distraction to getting those things done. This summer season, however, has been a step back. There are 2 shows that I just LOVE. The first one is "so you think you can dance". In this dance show, truly talented young people compete in a dance show. They dance all different genres, and do so amazingly. When I used to do Ballroom Dance, it took me years to become have as good in a certain style, as these dancers become in 1 week. Whenever I watch them perform a latin dance, or even swing, or ballroom, I just want to get back to dancing. Today, Winter wouldn't believe me when I told her I know how to dance some of those dances. We'll have to break out the old home movies and show her.
The other show I'm addicted to is "The Bachelorette". DeAnna is the current bachelorette, and she is such a down to earth girl. I love that she seems to make all the smart decisions when it comes down to whom she sends home. Just the other day, she sent home the guy she has a total crush on, but that would never be marriage material. I was sooo happy. The one guy I'm rooting for, is a single dad of a son of 3. He is so genuine and I can tell he'll make her very happy. I think the choices in men she makes, shows that she was serious when she said she wants to get married and start a family. Going back to the tv watching time: Just those 2 shows take up 3 of my 5 weeknights... I still like to be productive while I watch TV though, by doing dishes or other small cleaning tasks, or laundry folding during the commercials. With the huge amounts of commercials it is amazing how much you can get done!


Jesse said...

Hoe gaat het? Mooie photos! Ik spreek nog een beetje Nederlands, maar het gaat heel erg moelijk. Ik denk dat ik de taal niet zal kunnen verstaan als ik ooit naar Nederland terug ga. Hoop alles is goed!

-Jesse Van Sant

Nancy Sabina said...

We love So You Think You Can Dance too. I wish it wasn't on two night a week because it pulls me in no matter what. And we have TiVo so there's no getting anything done during the commercials around here.

Amber said...

I have sooo many favorites on SYTYCD this season. Some of the couples are amazing!! I TiVo the show and then skip through the commercials so it saves some time.

Jenny said...

I tried watching SYTYCD, but I was so annoyed by the lady judge's laugh that I couldn't stand to watch it. Does that make me super shallow?

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