Monday, June 30, 2008

lame post

So I got more chickens! Yes, now I have 37. Still only 4 of them currenlty lay eggs, but my first chicks should start laying in about 2 months. I just had to get these last 6 chicks, because they are of the Dutch variety. I am very protective of my chicks, because I'm always worried that my cats will hunt them. Today I let them out for a little while, and they mostly huddles in the coop. This morning when I let my big chickens out, I brought each of them out to my veggie garden. My garden has a lot of grasshoppers, and are eating my bean plants. Oh yeah! I had my first harvest today. I picked 5 grape tomatoes! None of my other plants are really producing, but I think that's because I have been watering them too much. (except onions I guess, I harvested most of them already).
This is a lame post. Joe says all his posts are lame, and that I should just deal with it...

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angela michelle said...

Yeah least now we know what you're up to. So today when I was talking about getting together Friday I think I really meant Thursday.

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