Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sterling's Tackle

Sterling has been wanting to get a tackle box like mine for some time. His mom didn't want him to spend his DisneyWorld savings on it, so she let him work for some extra spending money. He earned $0.25. We figured we would cover him on the rest. The other day, it struck me that going to the Bass Pro Shops (a HUGE fishing store so large that there are actually fishing ponds in the store!) with his grandpa could be a real fun experience. So I called gramps and asked him if he would be willing. He was, and on Saturday, while all the kids were being cared for by the grandparents (while we were in our adoption training classes) grandpa took Sterling and grandma took Winter and Ginger.
Apparently grandpa and Sterling had a great time and not only bought a tackle box, but could not pass by the opportunity to buy Sterling a new fishing rod combo kit that included:
  • rod
  • reel
  • fishing line
  • assorted hooks, bobbers, sinkers, lures, plastic worms, etc.
  • stringer line

He was super excited and tonight we used it for the first time. We had a few bites and even landed a small bass using one of his new lures. Good times.

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