Thursday, June 19, 2008

Getting Ready

I have been working really hard the past few days, to get ready for my parents' visit. My mom and dad are coming to visit from Holland, and this will be their first time at our new house in Texas. There are a lot of things I would have liked to gotten done, but what can I say? This week I finally started laying wood floor again. I had gotten to a stopping point, because we have that water leak. I finally decided the best way to motivate Joe to fix it, is to install the floor, so he HAS to fix it. Unfortunately I procrastinated long enough that I don't have enough time to get it all done, which was my goal. The other main thing I did to get ready is to clean our master bathroom. A few signs that your bathroom might be dirty:
  • Dozens of bugs litter the floor, window sill, and bathtub
  • A spider is very upset when his home is removed (wallpaper clippings in the bathtub)
  • Your niece doesn't want to use the bathroom because it's scary
  • When you finally do clean it, it takes a shop-vac and over 2 hours of hard labor
  • Your son comes in when you are halfway done and says: "Wow, this sure is clean!"
I don't dare post a before picture, but here's the after. Warning: Shield you eyes, it's white and bright. It doesn't look very good, because it's in the middle of wallpaper tare-down, but it is clean.
This bathroom is one of our to-do projects. I want to remove all the floors, tile, counter tops, brass fixtures, flowery wallpaper, and other general ugliness. I plan to replace it with beautiful earth colored tiles, granite counters, and stainless steel fixtures. There's no telling when all of that will actually happen, but that's the plan.


angela michelle said...

Sounds like a great plan--but I like a bright white bathroom. That's pretty hilarious about the shop vac. Maybe we need those self-cleaning bathrooms where it sprays itself down with bleach after every use.

Rebecca said...

I think it looks nice and shiny clean! Good work.

I would LOVE one of those self-cleaning bathrooms, Angela.

Nancy Sabina said...

Yep - I like a nice bright white bathroom too - but nice soft colors will look fab also. It will look a lot more updated. Any chance of keeping some of the tiles for me? I could put them in my purple bathroom and they'd look much better than the current 80's linoleum.

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