Saturday, June 14, 2008

read a bit & knead a bit

Back in 2003 or 2004 I went to a store in Boise that sells a cool wheat grinder that attaches to a Bosch mixer. The cool thing about it is that it also comes with a hand crank, so if there's no electricity you can still grind stuff. I had never ground wheat before, and I was very surprised how easy it is. You just throw the wheat in the grinder, turn the mixer on, and viola, there's flower!
This morning is a rare occasion. I'm at home all alone without any kids or husband. I get time alone, but never while I'm at home. Tomorrow I have to teach RS, and I need to prepare my lesson, and baking bread always takes a long time, because of the rising... so, I thought I would be productive and do both at the same time. You know, Read a bit & Knead a bit. It's starting to smell good already, and I need to get back to that lesson! I only teach once a month, but that 2nd Sunday comes quickly!


Amber said...

My mom grinds wheat and makes bread every Sunday. I have never tried it because the task always seemed too daunting. But she has said, and now you have confirmed, that it really is simple. Maybe I will try it soon?! Oh and how nice to have the whole house to yourself. Way to cherish it!!

Wendy said...

How FUN!
Why is the gang not home?
Can you post the bread recipe?
Do you have a bread machine?
Good luck on the lesson!

Nancy Sabina said...

Good job! Sometimes I find that doing something "domestic" is a great way to bring the Spirit. I'm sure your lesson turned out great.

Majo said...

Voila ! Viola actually is a flower ! ;)

How did your lesson go ?

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