Sunday, July 3, 2011

Train day

Public transportation is surprisingly expensive in Holland if you're not a student, old person, or child. So when some train passes came on sale for a day of unlimited travel for 2 adults for €30, I jumped at the chance. When the purchase was made, I didn't know exactly what we'd use it for, but figured it would be hard to pick 1 thing out of many things. Turns out most interesting things to see are within a small radius of Zoetermeer. The only place that's fairly far away, that we try to visit regularly, is the city of Almelo where my grandpa lives. The time seems to fly by, and it had been almost 2 months since we last made it out there.

The kids were very excited for the first 5 minutes to finally get to ride on a train. Although you usually try to travel with as little stopovers as possible, we were happy for any variety.
Joe filled some of his time fixing his most beloved belt
So after a little over 2 hours on the train, my grandpa picked us up at his train station. We had fun fawning over Coco, talking about the tour de France, eating lunch, and looking at photo albums.
With the whole afternoon open, we decided to just look at the train route map, and pick a city to visit. We decided on Deventer, which is a fairly old city, and kind of on the way back home. As soon as we came out of the train station, we realized they were having a festival on Stilts, with performances all around the city. We saw a French theater company perform in a sea of spectators.

And even cooler, 2 people doing cool stunts on the side of a building. If you just imagine that the wall was the ground, it was some really cool effects.
We made it back at a reasonable time, and really had fun riding the train. Not so much that I'll be buying those train passes again any time soon though....

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