Thursday, July 28, 2011

A summer with Emma

The biggest disadvantage to my job, is that I work every single day. Which means that I also work during the summer. I'm still lucky to get 2 weeks of vacation, but the kids have 6 weeks off, so you do the math. So my little sister Emma came to the rescue. Not only was this nice for her (make some money), it was also nice for my kids. They got to do all sorts of fun stuff with her, and I'm a wee-bit jealous (or maybe a lot). Things they got to do include

Dressing up Coco
Riding bikes
Decorating cookies
Visiting the petting zoo
Feeding baby goats
Being silly
Playing at the playground
Renting Bike-boats
Petting fuzzy animals
Playing at an indoor funpark
"real" bowling
Exploring nature
I'm so happy this worked out for everybody! This is about 1000 times better than spending the summer at a daycare for the kids. Emma got a fun summer job. And I probably wouldn't have had the energy to do all this stuff anyways. We all win.

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Nancy Sabina said...

Auntie's have all the fun! What a great solution for your family.

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