Sunday, July 10, 2011

One year older

I still feel the same. But I'm not, cause I'm a year older now. Not that 31 is a significant number! We wanted to celebrate, but on a small scale. Joe and I started by attending an Indian Festival. He is going to school with a lot of Indians, so when he saw the signs for the most famous Indian moviestar Shahruk Khan performance, he invited one of his friends to come with us to show us around. At the last minute he wasn't able to come, but of course we still wanted to get our dose of Indian culture. The dress code was "stylish Indian", and I had just the perfect thing for that: my Saree. It's always good to find an excuse to wear that.
We definitely felt out of place (or I should just speak for myself). The performances were fun, but we had no clue who the performers were, while all the people around us were going wild. That must be like an alien who comes to earth and wonders what the fuss is all about when fans are screaming for any celebrity.
A lady at one of the booths kindly I needed something to make me complete: a Bindi
I didn't want to fuss about feeding a boatload of people, so we had some people over for pie. Dutch Cherry Vlaai. The best pie if you ask me. Joe got me a new sound system for my car, which I was very happy with seeing that the old one was 25 years old. I can even plug my ipod into it, or my phone, and talk hands-free! I was also spoiled with some very thoughtful gifts including pampering stuff and a movie.

For dinner Joe prepared Navajo tacos. They are delicious, but a beast to make. My dad and Emma helped, and all together it was a great team. I think I'll use them more often ;) The only downside, was that I had already stuffed myself with the delicious guacamole before dinner started, and I ended up only being able to eat half a Navajo taco.
We were also able to skype with a lot of our cousins on Joe's side, who are all celebrating summer in Texas. It was a relaxing day (for me) and it made me wish it was my birthday every day. I would call that a success.


Wendy said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!
Missed being able to come.

Maddy S said...

I am glad you had a nice and relaxing birthday. That's how is should be! Navajo tacos are so good!

Mary Elizabeth Liberty said...

LOVE THE SARI ON YOU... looks so good with your coloring, honestly you are sparkly blonde head to blue eyes to silken toe. Happy Birthday and miss you!

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