Monday, July 18, 2011

Auto Pilot

My life is running on auto pilot.

Get up to the alarm at 6:45am
Eat breakfast and make lunch
Get dressed and ready for work
Drive to work
Sit for 6 hours, trying to find anything to keep myself occupied
Drive home
Try to figure out what to make for dinner
Sit around, and look at the miserable weather outside.
Play with kids and Coco or watch some TV
Eat dinner (or cereal for dinner)
Put the kids in bed
Watch TV, or spend all evening on my computer
Go to bed, and set the alarm.

Of course this is a little bit exaggerated, as there are some things to break up this monotony. For example, on Saturday afternoon we had a wonderful time at my dad's house, stuffing ourselves with Fondue. The sun even peeked through for a few minutes yesterday.

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