Thursday, July 21, 2011

9 weeks

I'm feeling very paranoid right now. I started cramping and spotting a little today, and all I can think is: "NO, not again! Of course there is enough information on the internet to say that cramping is normal, and that it just means that ligaments are stretching, but all I can do is compare it to my personal experience. And my personal experience tells me there's something wrong with the baby. There's a chance I'm working myself up for no reason, but I'm just petrified that it's not just my imagination. Other thoughts that come up in my head are: "I'm glad I haven't told anyone yet, so I won't have to untell", and "Now I'm another 5 months further ahead, and Ginger will be almost 7 by the time I could possibly have another baby. Maybe the best medicine for me right now, is to keep distracted with other things, and hope for the best. My next ultrasound is just 4 days away...

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