Monday, July 11, 2011

Cautiously optimistic

The dreaded ultrasound was this morning. Sure, I haven't had any symptoms of miscarriage, but with my past experiences I can't help fearing the worst. I was glad my appointment was early in the day, and I was able to sleep in for a while, so by the time I got up, there was only 1 hour to have my stomach in my throat from nervousness.

First of all, the healthcare system in Holland is very different than the US. Everything is more casual and relaxed. When they attempted to get my blood pressure, it was done in the same room where the nurses make their coffee. At first the nurse couldn't even read my blood pressure, and eventually she settled on 110/50. Maybe that explains why I am completely winded from just walking up a flight of stairs?

The OB did the ultrasound herself. No special ultrasound tech. No blood or urine tests. Just, hop on the table, and lets take a look.

Everything looks like it's on track! And even measuring 2 days further than I had expected. I am cautiously letting myself be happy with the possibility that this time the baby will grow healthy and strong. And that in a few weeks my now flabby belly, will start to look like a pregnancy bump. Since no one except my sisters know I'm even pregnant, I have been relying on looser clothing to field off any questions about my expanding waist line. Not that it should be expanding as much as it is anyways, but that might have something to do with the yummy pie I had yesterday for my birthday.

In order to satisfy my worries, I will have followup ultrasounds in 2 weeks, and again in 5 weeks. After the 13 week ultrasound, and if everything is still looking good, I'll probably start telling more people. Who am I kidding? I will HAVE to tell people, or they'll just see it by taking one look at me.

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