Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Interesting morning

This morning has been interesting. As in, not your average commute to work. First of all, I took Joe's brommer to work. He doesn't have any school this week, so he doesn't need the brommer. It takes me the same amount of time by car or brommer to work, and the brommer is MUCH more fuel efficient. Plus it's nice to get some fresh air! The first new and exciting was that I had to get gas. Only a few gas stations in town sell the brommermix, which meant I had to take a new route. All went well, and I didn't even get lost. Then, as I was riding through the country (I work in the next town over), a sheep was in the middle of the road. Being on my brommer I thought it'd be fun to --chase-- herd it a bit. And it was! The past few days I've zoomed past a little stand next to the road that is obviously selling some type of fresh veggie. So I stopped and the lady that owns the place actually happened to come out with today's crop of red bell peppers. They are large and delicious looking, and for a great price. Now I know where to get my bell peppers from now on. The final exciting thing that happened on today's commute, was that a cop with sirens and lights came speeding up behind me. I was on the main road, and didn't think it would be safe to just stop on the side of it, so I drove to the nearest roundabout, and turned left. So did the cop. But he didn't come for me. He just happened to be going the same direction. The rest of the ride went off without a hitch. I wonder what adventures will come my way this afternoon on my way home.

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