Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's a go

Reality has set in. There's a 95% chance that I'll be holding a baby in my arms in just 6 short months! I switched back to the midwives, and had my first ultrasound with them yesterday. It was surreal to see a tiny human that actually looks like a baby. Not anything like the blob I saw 3 weeks ago.

Looking at the baby moving its arms and legs, reality really set in, and I almost started crying. Almost, because I'm just not an emotional type of girl. Now that everything is looking so positive, I've started telling a few people. But I haven't been able to publicly post it on my blog or facebook, since I haven't had the chance to tell either of our parents yet.

My belly is rapidly becoming more prominent, and when I don't wear just the right shirt, I can catch people stealing glances at it. Only a few more weeks, before no one has to wonder, and it will be obvious what's going on, but until then, I will just feel fat. And from that point, I might actually need to buy a few more pants that go over my thighs.

It was fun to finally tell the kids as well. They are super excited, and of course seem to think that they'll want to change the baby's diaper every day... Haha, we'll see how many hours that will last! Just for fun I walked into a Prenatal store. All of that still seems so surreal, and I'm definitely not ready to start thinking about all the things we'll be needing soon. For now I prefer carrying it around internally.


Nancy Sabina said...

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! I'm so thrilled for you guys! Congrats!

Maddy S said...

I am so happy for you!

angela michelle said...

Congrats again! Now you *need* to move to Sandy so we can give you Betsy's baby things. ;) I hope you'll be able to relax and enjoy more now that everything looks so good.

Wendy said...

So happy we'll have kids very close in age :):) Maybe you'll be closer in proximity too ;)

Catherine M. said...

Hooray! Now, please do let us know what your plans are - or at least your ideas regarding location. You really have been quite a tease. Which of us will meet your little one before he/she is a full toddler?

The Editor said...

Oh, so happy to hear the news. Take special care, Jessica, and know we will be praying for a safe outcome. I assume your news is by now known to the prospective grandparents!

And oh, yes, we DO read your blog. Keep posting!

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