Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I had read about the world’s longest Alpine slide, and we figured the kids would really enjoy that. While we were driving there, we saw another alpine slide that was about 30 minutes closer, and decided that the kids would probably enjoy this one just as much.

This alpine slide was set up different than any other one I’ve been on. It was almost set up like a roller coaster. Very safe carts that couldn’t possibly careen out of a track. It made going faster even more enjoyable!

We ended up getting done fairly early, so after some shoe shopping we still had the entire afternoon left. Although my bed was calling me, I figured I can sleep when we get home. Just a few miles up the road, there’s a pretty lake.

It was fun to watch a pair of Swans continually chase off another pair, and we made the leasurly hike around the lake.
Of course Ginger always goes in style
The rain came and went, but ultimately we had a very nice stroll in the beautiful mountains. I could do this every day!

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