Friday, August 5, 2011

Amazing sights

After "sleeping in" until 7.30, we enjoyed the buffet breakfast that the hotel provided. When I explained to the kids that they could eat as much as they wanted, you could just see their amazement and excitement in their eyes. We still struggle with keeping the kids quiet in restaurant settings. It seems like we are always the only ones with kids, especially that 'many' (3). And they talk LOUD. All the time. Usually it's not too big of a problem, but all of a sudden when you are in public the loud volume becomes all-too-quickly very apparent. Breakfast was great, especially the fresh eggs from their chickens and the real hot coco.

As we would be spending the majority of the day in the car, we decided to let the kids play on this little bike/car thing at the hotel. There was a slight hill, and they just kept going up and down over and over. This is the kind of place I want to own. With a vegetable garden, lots of fruit trees, hilled terrain, wood shack, a roaming goat, and an enclosure where guinea pigs, bunny rabbits, birds, and quail all happily live together, eating oats and hay.

After only a short time we figured out that yesterday's town wasn't at all Rothenburg. Rothenburg ob de tauern is an AMAZING town. Just everywhere you look you see postcard snapshots. From the fountains to the houses and church, to steep alleyways. This is the type of place Disney World uses to model their theme park after!
We saw some flying buttresses (I thought this was a hilarious idea for a photo, while Joe thought it was slightly retarded)Lots of pretty streets and housesWe had some fresh genuine applejuice
Saw the most amazing Christmas shop EVER. I don't get impressed very easily, especially not by Christmas decorations, but this place just .... took words out of my mouth. The quality of Christmas decorations and amount and variety was unfathomable. (Again, I guess we weren't supposed to take pictures, but REALLY.. what harm can it do?)
And a town wall that you could walk along the top of. No iron fences or entrance fee. Just walk up the stairs and imagine what it would have been like 400 years ago on that same wall.
After seeing a lot of beautiful countryside and pretty towns, I was all of a sudden sick of being in the car. I just HAD to get out! So we found a hotel that we didn't have a reservation for, and ignored the cracks in the walls, smelly rooms, and just plopped into bed, and onto the internet. It turns out I use the internet very much, and miss not having it. As I'm writing this, I enjoy watching Sterling watching a movie with German voice-overs. It really doesn't matter what the language is!

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Nancy Sabina said...

What fun! It really is super cool the memories that you are making for your kids.

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