Monday, June 27, 2011

Glass of water

Tap water at work comes out luke warm and with a horrible taste. It's barely drinkable. A good solution is to just drink tea instead of water, but with the warmer weather this week, tea is the last thing that sounds good to drink. So this morning I came up with a new system. A system to have a cold, yummy glass of water.

1. Boil water in the water boiler (used normally to heat water for tea).
2. Let the water cool as much as possible.
3. Pour it in a glass, and place in the fridge
4. Wait a few hours and drink.

This works the best if at least 2 cups are in play. While I drink one, the other cools. Sure, not as easy as filtered water from an American fridge, but you do what you can.

Totally unrelated, and a little whiny; the children's vaccination/baby consult company is in the same building as me. All day I show people where to take their precious little babies for their shots. It's hard to watch all these people with their perfect babies, while yearning for my own.

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angela michelle said...

When we first moved to Arizona I thought I literally might die of dehydration because the water was so warm and tasted terrible. Good thing you're not too busy at work so you can rotate your cups! :)

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