Monday, June 20, 2011

Steady life

As the summer approaches life remains steady. The kids still have school for another 2 weeks. I will have to work through the summer, and daycare has been lined up. The weekends mostly consists of playing catch up from the week's neglect in the cleaning and other household duties department. Sometimes we try to do something a little extra, but quite often it's so uneventful that I can barely remember it by Monday. The past Saturday Joe has school in the morning, and the kids had a primary activity. The afternoon disappeared into dreamland. The evening was a little more eventful, since my mom came over. We don't see her very often, because she lives just far enough, that you don't "just drive over". After dinner we did one of Joe's least favorite things; we played a game of Miles Bourne. One of my favorite games when I was a kid. My kids seemed to enjoy it as well.

Sunday is really only a half day, with the morning hours devoted to church. The afternoon usually starts with a nap, and by the time that is over, it's dinner time again. Yesterday the nap had to be skipped though, since my friend Jannicke had her engagement party. Jannicke is a friend from my Young Women days. Not only has she since left the church, but her whole family has. It was a little sad to see that from the previous 8 members in attendance at the party, I am the only one that still goes to church. The only one not to drink alcohol. The only one to see and want the benefits of the gospel in my life. And what is there to say? Especially when most of them consciously decided to leave the church. (as in, didn't just slowly become inactive and fall away) Yet another reason not to raise teenagers in Holland!

Now a new week starts, and the hours will be spent in much the same way as the previous 4. But that's okay, because life is good, and I love my husband and kids. We have everything we need, and even some things we want.

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Emma said...

Excuse me!! haha Ik ben in Nederland opgegroeid.. and I turned out ok.. right?? :P

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