Friday, March 27, 2009

Dumb Animals

As I was waiting for the kids on the bus, at the end of the driveway, because it was raining hard, Ginger said: Look a pig! Our neighbors don't have any pigs running on their land, so I looked a little closer. Sure enough, it was our own Biggy Smalls. He was running back and forth along the other side of the neighbor's barbed wire fence, so I went over to get him across the fence. It was pretty cool that this used to be a domesticated pig, because he started following us up the driveway. I didn't want him taking off again, so I locked him in the lower goat pen. That's where he started doing some pretty funny stuff (view at own risk - adult content)

bare with me: this is my first blog video - I'm not sure why there's no sound on this one

As it usually goes, whenever you get outside taking care of one animal, you end up taking care/checking on all of them. The momma hens in the shop were out of food, so I gave them some. Then, I went into the chicken coop, and saw they were out of food too (that's what the twilight books will do to you). After giving the very hungry chickens some food, I collected their eggs. (oops those are still in the coop)

Since the raining had let up a little, I thought I would check on our pregnant goat. Two of them already had kids, so only 1 is still pregnant. She seems way over due, and is just about as wide as long. On the way to the back shed (with pregnant nannies), I witnessed this

for some reason this one is 8 minutes long, even though the video is only like 30 sec. I need to work on my video skills

Sometimes animals aren't the smartest! I freed him, and got back on my way. Unfortunately the new kid hasn't been born yet. By that time, the rain and wind had seriously picked up again. I considered waiting for it to subside, but then quickly decided against it, as it could keep going all night.

In the rush to get the pig taken care of, I put my old horseback riding boots on. These boots are very tight around my calf, and when I finally came in all wet and muddy, I realized I wouldn't be able to get them off myself. Joe is working in town today, so no help there. Winter came to the rescue. It took some towels, lots of grunting and funny faces that I wish I had on camera, but we finally managed to pry them off. I vow to never wear those again!


wannabee free said...

what a hilarious adventure!!! ha ha ha!!!

Debbie and Boys said...

That is so crazy! Can't believe you got to capture it on video.
I know it probably is a crazy life, and I would have never believed I'd want the lifestyle you have, but now that I have three young boys I think the world you're in would be so ideal to grow up in! I would love to give that life to my kids! (But I'm married to a Thompson as you know, so can't imagine that happening even if I'm in Texas! :) )

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