Monday, March 9, 2009

Bunny snack

Remember our Semi-wild bunny? He ran into our 22. I'll take full responsibility. I feel bad, but not bad enough; not to go back and do it again. At least my dog is having a fresh dinner.

Before you proclaim me as a barbarian, let me just explain my reasoning. Last year my vegetable garden failed miserably. It was a combination of watering, bugs, and bad luck. This year I decided to give it another try. I worked hard to rototille (ok, joe did the actual work). I planted out in the horrid wind, and have been watering my little plants religiously. Today, when I went out there, practically all of my cauliflowers plants, and half of my brussels sprouts plants were gone. Nibbled off, eaten! And I know the criminal. I saw him sitting there, a happy wild bunny, and I flipped.

The gun case was opened. Bullets were loaded. And the husband was put in service to execute.
The bunny was shot, bled and died a peaceful death. (and then was happily consumed by our doggy Justin). It all comes down to the circle of life. Man, I'm sounding harsh, but that's just the way I feel this minute. Anyways... now I will go back to the store to buy yet more plants, waste yet more money and time, and hope and pray another bunny won't come along for a snack


Wendy said...

aahhw poor peter wabbit... he should have listened to his mommy and stay away from farmer jessica'a garden! I agree.. circle of life! I bet is is in bunny heaven eating away at those heavenly veggies!

Kaitlyn said...

I find the whole "dog eating the dead rabbit" a bit disturbing. I know, he's an animal and all that. I'm just so used to my doggies not eating raw meat, ever :)

wannabee free said...

Wow, you're a tough one. Remember not to cross you. ;)
Good job again on your garden

Anonymous said...

i think it would have shown some intelligence to plan for pest control around the garden. hope the kids were not witnesses to the execution of an innocent animal.

Farmer Joe said...

Our kids were not present for the "execution." Of course, they weren't present at the execution of the cow that gave us our beef jerky last night either, or the thousands of chickens we have eaten, nor the various animals that contributed body parts to the regular dog food that our dog eats, etc.

"Innocent" animals give their lives for our bellies and for our animals bellies on a daily basis. We thank our lord for their lives before we eat them and that is the way it has been since the beginning of time and will be. Humans (and dogs) are not vegetarians, we are omnivores. Get over it.

Debbie and Boys said...

Your way of life is not lived by many and has been left behind generations ago, by our ancestors, but it is how life once was and still is. I think one would have to have walked your way of life to judge you properly.
So, sorry peter rabbit...don't mess with a womans garden.

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