Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bad Attendance

My blog attendance has been very bad lately. Sorry for that. I have a few ideas, but somehow don't ever sit and write them.

Sterling is turning 6 tomorrow! Since we are going on vacation, and the grandparents wouldn't be able to get here until later at night, we decided to celebrate it this past Sunday. Joe got him a trailer bike, which they enjoyed riding together, a few days ago. Other than that, he got a bionicle, fake money, little dollar store gifts, and maybe we'll get him a duck after our trip.

Facts about our 6 year old Sterling

  • Stuffed animals have always been close to his heart
  • He likes to sleep with his John Deere Quillo
  • He's currently taller than his older sister
  • He is starting to read
  • He is camera shy, just like his dad
  • He's a nice kid (by Winter)
  • Favorite food: pizza
  • Favorite animal: cats
  • He lost his first tooth a few weeks ago
  • Favorite place in the whole world: Disneyworld
  • Favorite person: grandma
  • He likes to ride his bike
  • He sleeps with his door open, and a night light
We sure love our little-big boy!


Amber said...

I have been missing your frequent posts. Have a great time on vacation and Happy Birthday Sterling!

wannabee free said...

What a sweetie! Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I also need all the same pieces that you need. This game is gonna be hard to win...Though I hope and pray that I do win =).

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