Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sad Site

This Texas weather is really driving me crazy! 22 one day, 80 the next. It's not that I don't like 22 degrees, or 80, but when they are on consecutive days, I just never know what to expect.

Saturday we had a nice, sunny 80 degree day. I was kind of glad that at least the warm days were saved for the weekend. Joe had a few farm implements to get, and wiring harnesses for the geo, and convinced me to come with him. We had fun driving on new roads, through new country. We were amazed by the little towns, and the mixture of nice homes and ramshackled shacks. Some towns were nicer than others, and some had hills, while others were as flat as a pancake. At one point we passed this cool graveyard. We noticed that a lot of the graves were those of babies and young children. Our kids had a hard time understanding why kids would die so young. So we tried to explain that people used to get sick a lot more often, especially kidsThis graveyard got me to thinking about the way I would like my body to be disposed of after I die. These poor people's families bought nice headstones, and gave them a nice service. However, only 100 years later, the graveyard is in disarray. Many of the headstones have either fallen, or been kicked over. Texas ground is so soft, that the other half is half sunken into the ground. All of this made me realize I just want to be cremated. I mean, I don't need my body to rot away in the ground, and have other people take care of the site. Or, if I end up in one of the above graveyards, it's just a sad sight.Here Joe re-assembled one of the headstones

We have some new friends in our ward that just moved down from Utah. They are a really nice family with 2 little girls. Renee (the mom) is a great inspiration to me for all things pertaining to natural childbirth, cloth diapers, and natural remedies. Our ward bounderies are quite large, and they just happen to be buying a house at the opposite end of the bounderies: 45 minutes from here, in Honey Grove. I tried to convince her to buy a house here in Leonard, but alas, they would rather live close to his work. Anyways, after Joe got the wiring harness out of a spare metro at our other friends' house in Honey Grove, we were able to hang out with Renee and her family. We went to the local park in downtown Honey Grove, and the kids had a blast.All of a sudden we noticed Ginger bolting toward the opposite side of the playground. Then, we saw something you will only see in a town like Honey Grove. 2- 12 year old boys who were riding their horses right through town. They had been riding all morning (5 hours at least), and were just on their way home. No adults, no nothing. They were really cute, and had an even cuter accent. They let our kids take turns to ride on the horses, and soon enough my kids started asking me when they can go on horseback rides all by themselves. I tried to explain to them that they first need to learn to ride, and then they have to be about 10 years older!!See those original death trap slides? I haven't had such an adrenaline rush going off a slide since I was 8!The sweater Winter is wearing, is one that I got for my 9th birthday! I was always a big fan of horses.I was trying to get a new profile picture for my blog, and realized I don't have any decent pictures of just me. This was my attempt for Joe to take one for me. I guess this one will have to do for now.


wannabee free said...

the park is the perfect background for those horse pictures.. it looks like a fair! I especially love the flags in the sky.
I kinda like the deteriorating look of old graveyards. I wouldn't mind being in one. It lends to the mind the idea.. "dust to dust. From this earth we came, and to it shall we return" or something like that.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Joe is using that graestone as a bong! Or maybe he's eating it.

Will of the hill said...

I love those kids on horse back --THAT'S how it should be. And then to share that experience with you --How awesome... no worries of signing medical releases or doing background checks--No lawyers standing on the outskirts of the playground waiting for a law suit--lol

I never thought we could have what we have here any where else. --I can now move by you and know my kids won't grow up attatched to their computers(or other devices).

I love your blog--thank you for enlightening me!!

Kaitlyn said...

Oh my, I love this post. It seems so lovely to live out in the country like that. You wouldn't find anyone riding horses through the park around here, but I wish you did!

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