Thursday, February 12, 2009


I have a question for you guys. Lurkers please come out and comment too!

Would you spend $25 to take a class on learning how to use coupons, to save more than 65% on your grocery bill every month?

I am toying with the idea to become an Educator for a coupon blog. It's a similar business idea as Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, or Tupperware. However, instead of selling stuff, I would be teaching coupon classes.

I just don't know if people would be interested in something like this, and/or be willing to pay for it.

Input please!


Kaitlyn said...

For me personally, there is no way I would use this when there are a million and one free resources to make use of. I wouldn't use it, but it may be better for others :)

Jessica said...

I'm like you. If I can find it out myself, for free, I will. I just don't know if everyone is like that too

girlsmama said...

Maybe for $10-$15. It's hard to justify money that could be used for the groceries. Even if it balances out in the long run, it doesn't balance out this week.

Jason and Jen said...

I have recently got into couponing and no I wouldn't pay for a class because there are so many helpful blogs to learn how to do it for free. It is fun and addicting though!

Nancy Sabina said...

No way would I pay for something I know I can find free on the internet. That always bugs me about people who sell patterns for some craft that I know I can find a free "how to" somewhere else.

wannabee free said...

I bet some people would pay, because it is nice to have someone explain everything in detail and answer all your questions. I wouldn't do it, but I'm a tightwad. Plus there are several experts in my ward who have given several classes for enrichment meetings. And they are so excited to have you call them and ask questions.

Will of the hill said...

Are you serious--here just a spin on your topic-

-I AM NOT MORMON-- and as such I can tell you there ARE people who would be willing to pay for your knowledge----REASON BEING--the "values" you all recieve through your wards and peer groups are NOT out in the mainstream world.
Mothers who work full time or are otherwise occupied with life, do not have the luxury of learning everything that you have gather--as you know it takes time, patience and skill to accomplish.

Outside of your church, who do you know that scap books, quilts, sews, blogs, cans, does a food storage, and does there "lessons' before school.
I know I lean on the Mormon members of my family --as they know things that my heathen side of the family has never experienced.
Especially when we moved out in the country, my aunt taught me about her storage --which was SO HELPFUL!!
We have a community college - I use the term loosely cause it is --community teaching--They have people who teach you to can , paint, build websites, --belly dance--they charge usually 15-25 bucks for a lesson--I know I sign my kids up for the art classes --cause they have all the supplies right there --and they get to clean up the mess rather than me--

I encourage you to mentor to people--and not only that --what a great way to extend the 'mission " of your church.

The Bartel Bunch... said...

No, I wouldn't do it either. I would just pick your brain and ask you lots of questions hoping you wouldn't be mad because I am your friend! It like if you have a friend who is a really awesome dancer, you just ask her for help and advice, you don't pay her! lol

Debbie and Boys said...

I'd be up for $15, but thats me, and thats what I've seen them at here and I've somewhat considered it, but my friends tell me they'd teach me so I don't have to. Just some thoughts.

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