Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rare Monopoly Pieces

I learned from my new Statcounter program, that there are many people on the internet, who are looking for a list of rare game ticket pieces for the Albertson's Monopoly Game. Good news: I know what they are, and am willing to share. The big prizes require 2 rare pieces. I currently don't have any of those, but if/when I do, I will make sure to post them on my blog, so we can maybe combine our tickets and split the winnings.

Here are the rare pieces:
A01 A04
B08 B10
C12 C13
D17 D20
E22 E25

If you want to see whether I have any tickets you need, or if you have any that I need, please go to my other post, where I have an updated list of what I have and need.

Happy trading, and good luck!


Chad said...

Thanks for getting all the legwork together!! Good luck

Rachel Free said...

I have A04 with an upside down V next to the number. Im not sure if this is a rare or semi-rare piece-I would be willing to talk to anyone with A01.

Anonymous said...

A04 is the semi-rare. Does anyone know which are the rare/semirare for the car pieces?

Anonymous said...

I have B10, and it appears that there are quite a few b10's on the internet for sale/trade. So I would describe this as semi-rare. B08 is the super-rare piece. Probably only a couple printed.

enative said...

I have all the game pieces for the $500,000 mortgage except A01. if anyone has that piece, lets talk and split the winnings. I live on an Indian reservation and don't have to pay state income taxes. Therefore, the amount of money split by both of us would be much higher. Hit me up at (505) 809-0900.

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