Thursday, February 19, 2009

Keep your cool

My sister-in-law, wrote a great post on how it feels to get a call about a foster child. Read it here. I just got a call about 3 year-old twin girls. These girls are still with their mother, but will probably be removed soon. The way it works, is that when something like that happens, the agencies call their families, who might be interested in taking in the children. Then, they submit their names to CPU (Child Placement Unit), who then decides where the children go. I have only gotten one such call before, and started totally freaking out. I was so excited. I started running around, cleaning the house, and getting ready. In the end however, we weren't chosen by CPU. So this time around, I am trying not to freak out, and just wait to hear back. Then, if we do get chosen, I can really start freaking out, figuring out where to put 2 more beds, and rearranging furniture, childproofing, and making sure our house is up to CPS standards. Oh, and did I mention that we would have 3, 3-year old girls?

Update: The girls were placed in a different home


Nancy Sabina said...

I'm sorry to hear they were placed somewhere else. I really think that "waiting for the call" like that is one of the main reasons I could never be a foster mother. I just couldn't not freak out. So I admire your coolness.

wannabee free said...

It's disappointing, but probably for the best, right? Right? Dont' you have to reassure yourself?
BTW, how's it going with you & Joe being more 'productive' in the night hours? *wink, wink*

angela michelle said...

Oh man 3 3yos! That woulda been crazy! Sounds like it was a good dry run to think through what you'd need to do to be prepared?

Renee' P said...

Just to let you know. You may get several calls. This is what I hate. They get your hopes up, but in the end it's completely up to the Judge.
I would really try to find a contact person in the placement unit/dept and keep bugging them, like I said in the email. Let them know your name and what you're looking for.
After having these two babies and only 4 mo apart, I would highly suggest NO TWINS! At least for me. I am so tired of the CRYING!
Be aware that most of these children placed in foster care will either have been abused or born addicted to drugs.
I admire you wanting to do this, seeing you have 3 other children.
Keep in touch.
OH! Remember, you can always say no to a placement. Sometimes they just are so desparate for a placement, but make sure it's right for you.

Kaitlyn said...

Oh, I hated the update at the end. We will keep on praying for you!

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