Friday, February 13, 2009


The World Wide Web is an interesting thing!

In 1998, when I moved into my dorm room at BYU, I had only heard of the internet, but had never actually used it. My parents had a computer, but back then, internet was a new and rare thing. I can't recall the first time I ever used the internet, but I can distinctly remember the times I sent emails in my dorm building -Kimball Hall -. See, the computers were located in the basement, at the end of a hallway going passed all the storage units. I would sit there, and email my family back home, or send silly messages to my boyfriends. The best thing: I still have all those emails. Since the internet, and email was so new to me, I printed out ALL of my emails for the first year! These were the days, back before google, and unlimited storage. My hotmail account could only take so much storage, and there was no such things as Archiving, so you just deleted them. Once in a while I'll pull out my email/letter scrapbook, and go on memory lane. I just wish I had printed emails from my second year as well (which is when I met Joe)

In the beginning all I used the internet for was email and college registration. I guess I might have used it here and there to do some research for a paper, but I still relied heavily on books. This has all changed completely. Any time I have a question about anything, I just jump on google, and hit search. My search topics vary so much, some of my recent searches include: ABC Bachelor blog, Bull Run Park Virginia, chicken incubator, cost of living calculator, delta, disney etc. You get the idea.

The idea for this post really came from when I looked at followers of my blog. There are several people on that list, whom I would have never known, if not for the Internet. There's Kaitlyn and Kezia, who both found my blog somehow, and have been faithful readers/commenters (thanks girls!). It also works the other way around. There are blogs that I found, whether it be through my friend's blogs, or a simple blog search, which I follow religiously. I read about their lives so much, that it's almost as if we are friends in real life. Of course, not all of these people read my blog as well, so it's more like a celebrity syndrome (I know them, but they don't know me).

As with all new technological advances, we get so dependant on them, that we can't live without them. I can't imagine having to find information on campgrounds in Colorado, or find out flight schedules, without the help of the internet. You could say I have gone a bit overboard, and use the internet too much, but I am just so happy to have found some new friends along the way.

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wannabee free said...

I agree. It is just so darn convenient to look up anything online. How to install whatever, the price and time for a movie, menus of restaurants, reviews for books, quick messages thru google talk or messenger,etc.
We spend too much time online and will probably be 'logging off' when our 2 yr contract expires this summer. But I sure will miss the convenience@ and the fun

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