Friday, February 20, 2009

Golden Locks

This can't be what I think it is! Joe caught Ginger holding this big hairball last night. When he asked her about it, she was evasive and finally said she found it in her car seat. The problem is, that I have been noticing a LOT of broken hair on her head, and chunks missing. I knew it wasn't scissors, because there's no definite cut line. Blaming her hair elastics, I decided to stop using the little rubber/plastic kind, and only use fabric. Well, after this "little" discovery, I changed my diagnosis, and decided Ginger has picked up the nasty habit of pulling her own hair. My friend Challis has a daughter that twists her hair to the point of it breaking/ripping. I don't know how to stop it! Part of the problem is that I have never caught her doing it. When I asked her about it though, I could tell she knew that she did something wrong, and told me sorry. Joe won't let me cut her hair shorter, so for now I'll just make sure to put it up in pony tails each day. Hopefully that'll stop her


Nancy Sabina said...


Renee' P said...

Oh my! Doesn't that hurt her? She needs something to do to occupy her hands, apparantly.
At least it wasn't scissors. My niece (4 yrs old) cut her hair w/scissors one too many times. SO, her mom shaved her head. Lesson learned.

Amber said...

One of my girlfriends has a little girl that is a hair puller She tried everything, but only cutting it helped. It is such a strange habit, and I'm sure painful. I wonder why they do it?

wannabee free said...

I am SO sorry!!! You must have been judging us, because everytime I judge someone's weird quirks or problems, they happen to me. ha ha!! :)
Brenna IS doing better (fingers crossed) but she started much younger than Ginger... I think there is hope in sight.
Good Luck!!!!

Kaitlyn said...

Oh my goodness, I hope you can find an end to this ASAP

The Bartel Bunch... said...

I thought that surely was a cat hair ball, then I thought how disgusting that was that you were holding it, but I have seen you do weirder things on this blog!

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